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I started singing when I was a toddler mimicking the sounds from the radio. I grew up and my venue became my bedroom, my stage the bed, the sound system - my hairbrush. My mom saw my desire, my passion for music and signed me up for the school choir where I was introduced to harmonies, different genres of music and a real stage. I sang in choirs for twelve years, I started writing my own songs and I organized and planned concerts with my classmates. 


In 2010 I graduated from the music program at Foss High School in Oslo after three challenging years, juggling music theory and life. I took a break from school, but continued to work on my music; I recorded my first EP – “Breathe”, I directed a children’s choir, co-produced the Oslo International Church Music Festival and I worked as a vocal instructor and co-musical director in a revue show. 


In December of 2010 I auditioned for Berklee College of Music, one of the best contemporary music schools in the world. I had been secretly dreaming about attending this prestigious school for years and when I got the e-mail starting with “Congratulations Amanda” come early 2011, words cannot describe the deliriously euphoric girl jumping around the room crying and laughing with excitement. 


Five years passed since my acceptance to Berklee and in my May of 2016 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of graduating from the number one ranked music school in the world. In those five years I produced and performed my first professional concert with a nine-piece band, at Parkteatret stage in Oslo, Norway; made several recordings in the Berklee studios; I was part of the Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir; participated in the background-choir for Chris Tomlin in front of an est. 5,000 people at Lowell arena in Massachusetts; arranged, produced and performed a large solo concert at the "Berklee Caf", this time with a 14-piece band; and not to mention, I learned more than I ever imagined I would, not just about music, but about life and its ups and downs as well.

After Berklee I moved back home to Oslo, Norway, where I've continued to work on my music:  I've released an EP ("All I Wanted to Say") and two singles ("Addicted" (2018) and "Scream" (2019)); I've been working as a vocal instructor for people of all ages and musical levels; I've done countless gigs in weddings, funerals, private events and at nursery homes. Music is my life's greatest passion and I love sharing the joy of it.

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